Parks Tax Service respects the privacy of our clients. The information we collect about our clients is used by our company only.
Rest assured that we protect privacy. Under no circumstances will Parks sell or share your personal information with any person or organization except as authorized by you.

Depending on how you use our website, certain types of personal and non-personal information may be generated and collected. For example, you may give us your name or e-mail address, respond to a test email to verify that it is yours. Unless we receive your approval  to do otherwise, any personal information that you provide to us will only  be used by us to fulfill the stated objective for which the information was requested or collected (e.g. if information is provided as a result of you e-mailing us, we will only use the information provided, such as e-mail address, to respond to you.) As a security measure all information sent via e-mail will be pass-coded.

Parks website does not use cookies.

The information you submit to us is controlled by the Privacy Policy in effect at the time you submit it. If we significantly change our policy we will post a notice in a conspicuous place on our website notifying visitors of policy changes.

We may disclose information provided by you if we are legally required to do so, such as by court order or subpoena.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, the practices of our website, or our dealings with our website. Please feel free to E-mail us at WEST@JPARKSINC.NET or write us at: 
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